The Recipe for a Perfect Fringe Experience – Genevieve Cox


For the Chefs:

  • 3 fabulous organisers
  • 8 fantastic in-housers
  • 4 fun out-of-housers


For the day events:

  • Lots of energy
  • A map to locate the many tiny venues and side-streets of Edinburgh
  • A sense of humour – especially for children’s shows
  • A notebook
  • A pen (maybe a few spares too!)
  • EFR jumper


For the evenings:

  • Lots of energy (again!)
  • A big ‘family’ meal to re-fuel
  • Alcohol
  • Time to write-up the two reviews of the day
  • Sleep!



For the Chefs:

    • Take one huge frying pan
    • Heat up to the highest temperature
    • Add all the ingredients
  • Mix well with plenty of energy
  • Serve up the stir-fry of individuals, all combined to produce a whole new group of great friends!


For the day events:

  • Don your EFR jumper (and try to maintain despite the heat of some ‘oven’ temperatures in smaller event-locations)
  • In a bowl, pack up your pen(s) and notebook and map
  • Locate the perfect space on the work-surface in the kitchen to begin work
  • Add energy, enthusiasm and dedication into the bowl
  • Stir well and allow all the ingredients to mix and be absorbed
  • Watch it settle
  • Lay to one side – ready to add to the mixture for the ‘Evening’


For the evening:

  • In an oven dish, heat up the big ‘family’ meal and serve the alcohol – this is now ready to serve
  • As a side-dish add an offering of energy
  • Collect the dish of previously-prepared ‘day events’ and put on table with other two main dishes
  • In a separate pot, pour some ‘time’ liquid and place on table too
  • Serve all together in a help-yourself buffet-style: oven dish, side-dish, bowl, pot – with a selection of plates for people to serve themselves
  • After serving and indulging, your guests should be able to produce the ultimate reviews before indulging in the final stage of the day: sleep!


Tips and Warnings: