A Bucket List for the Fringe Festival

As a newbie to the Fringe herself, Charlotte Lock has collated a small list of must-do activities to tick off your list, helping you to fully embrace the Fringe!

1. Walk down the Royal Mile

Frankly, if you have managed to, or have even considered doing the Fringe without stepping foot on the mile, you could question whether you have truly done/experienced the Fringe Festival. This street is such an enormous part of the Fringe; it is a constant hive of activity with a vibrant atmosphere, even in the rain! Yes, it is crowded and yes, you will probably leave with a few dozen leaflets, stickers and show recommendations, but it is all part of the experience. The Royal Mile is probably the best place to get a taste of different shows and a simple walk down the road will leave you really feeling like you have embraced the Fringe.


William Starkey


2. See something you wouldn’t normally

The Fringe Festival has such an array of the arts there is almost too much choice. Being such a unique experience, why not use this time to see something you wouldn’t normally. Experience a performance which is perhaps outside your comfort zone or even just featuring something you haven’t seen before, the Fringe provides you with the perfect opportunity to try something new, so I dare you to try just one thing that is unusual for you, who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised!

3. Discover a quirky café

Edinburgh Fringe is a feast for the senses, but after walking up and down the mile a few times and seeing a couple of shows, you will probably desperately desire a thirst-quenching drink and a comfortable sofa to rest your weary legs. It is, therefore, an obvious choice to try one of Edinburgh’s many quirky coffee shops; why not try to find a hidden gem down a backstreet, one to recommend to fellow Fringe festival-goers! Or, for the Harry Potter aficionados, try one of the many cafés used by J.K. Rowling when she was writing her novels, who knows, maybe you could be inspired too!


black medicine


4. Find an obscure theatre

On a similar note, the Fringe is home to hundreds of venues, with many not necessarily being established theatres. With venues often having such an impact on a performance, finding a particularly obscure theatre is part of the thrill of the Fringe, so why not try to discover the most unusual venue you can.

5. Trek up Arthur’s Seat

Not linked to the Fringe but a must-do is Arthur’s Seat. Despite its intimidating stature and being quite a climb, the views all the way up make the journey well worth it. It truly is an incredible experience, and if you bring great company, music and take the occasional break, I promise you it will be worth the effort. Plus, what a photo opportunity!

6. Visit the Meadows

Fancy escaping The Royal Mile? Head to The Meadows – a vast stretch of greenery. On a brighter day, this is a great spot to have a wander down to; you might catch a glimpse of a few performers training, I for one have seen people in elaborate equipment up trees and street performers rehearsing. Moreover, the Underbelly’s Circus Hub is located here, and this provides another great escape from the crowded Royal Mile whilst still enabling you to fully embrace the Fringe.


the meadows


7. Be spontaneous

Ironically, this isn’t exactly something you can plan, but try to turn up and see a show on a whim. The Fringe is all about impulsiveness and freedom, so take a risk and choose a flyer at random and go see a show, this is particularly great for the Free Fringe! The impetuosity is a huge part of the experience and makes the performance even more memorable and exciting.

5 Historic Edinburgh Festival venues you shouldn’t miss!

Mark Bogod gives us his pick of the Fringe’s diverse venues; taking in ghosts and football stadiums along the way.


Bedlam Theatre

This tiny theatre just off the Royal Mile is notable for being the oldest student-run theatre in Britain (since 1980). Situated in a converted Victorian church, the theatre is named after Edinburgh’s first mental health hospital nearby. During the fringe, students relinquish their control and the theatre becomes venue 49 – although the Improverts, the university improv group still perform nightly and are the Fringe’s longest running improvisation show.


Bedlam Theatre, Kim Traynor

 Royal Lyceum Theatre

A wonderfully ornate proscenium arch theatre, the Royal Lyceum was designed C.J Phillips, who designed over 40 British theatres in his time, in the 1880s. In the 1960s, it played host to one of the festival’s most iconic productions, Beyond the Fringe. It is also said to be haunted by Ellen Terry, the leading Shakesperean actress of the late Victorian age, who appeared in the Lyceum’s first show, Much Ado About Nothing.


Royal Lyceum Theatre, dancewearcentral


Easter Road Football Stadium

This football ground in Leith has been home to Hibernian FC since 1893 (the first match being a friendly against Clyde). It forms one of the most unusual venues of this year’s Fringe, playing host to A Field of Our Own, a play which recounts the founding of the football club by Irish immigrants in 1875.


Easter Road


Canongate Kirk

The Kirk of Canongate at the eastern end of the Royal Mile is of historical interest for a number of reasons. Built at the end of the 17th century with a distinctive Dutch-style gable at the front, it is the parish church of the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood House and Edinburgh Castle, and the economist Adam Smith is buried there. It was also where Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall got married five years ago. A variety of baroque and folk concerts are set to take place at the Kirk during this year’s festival


Canongate Kirk


Scottish National Gallery

This enormous neo-classical building in the heart of the city had its foundation stone laid by Prince Albert in 1850 and houses works by El Greco, Botticelli, Monet among countless other paintings within the Scottish national collection of art. Aside from its temporary exhibitions, the museum will play its part in the Fringe by playing host to Phil Jupitus, who everyday will be sketching a work of art (there or at one of the other big Edinburgh museums) on his ipad in front of anyone who wants to come along!


National Gallery


What your choice of Fringe venue says about you- Ruby Gilding


Are the Edinburgh Fringe blues setting in? Fear not! Here the wonderful Ruby Gilding takes us through what your Fringe venue of choice might say about you…


1. Underbelly Circus Hub

You’ve headed towards what looks like a model of Elmo the Elephant set up on the Meadows. This is the festival’s Circus Hub; you’re not brave enough for cabaret, so you came to prove that you’re still ‘out there’. A short walk south of the city centre and this patch of green makes you forget about the hubbub of the Royal Mile. There are people practising tai chi on the grass, and a group sitting in a circle enthusiastically drumming. At first you feel relaxed, mistakenly thinking you’ll be at home amongst other mindfulness practising townies. But soon you’re inside the Lafayette and every surface is covered in mirrors; add this to the multi-coloured confusion outside and it’s all starting to give you a migraine, but you won’t let on.


Where tai chi meets chai tea...

Where tai chi meets chai tea…


2. Pleasance Courtyard

The Pleasance is proud to call itself the biggest venue of the Fringe with its total of sixteen stages. You’ll repeat this to yourself throughout the festival; because no, you’re not missing out. Why would you want to leave and explore the rest of Edinburgh when everything is so comfortably middle class here? You can stay for days within the courtyard with its festival atmosphere channelling Latitude or Greenman and still feel like you’re ‘doing’ the festival. “Defy the norm” announces the Fringe as this year’s motto, perhaps you should take this on board and strike out from the sheltered cobbles of The Pleasance.


The nurturing embrace of Pleasance Courtyard

The nurturing embrace of Pleasance Courtyard


3. C Venues

You’re probably here to watch your mates’ show, or most likely you’ve brought one up to the Fringe from your university’s drama society. You thought that it would be the best way to meet fellow thesps and announce your arrival to the theatre world. After the first few shows in a tiny back room (with an even tinier audience) you’ve realised that you’re small fry. There are hundreds of student shows to compete against, so your youthful confidence makes the most of it and you spend a heady month getting drunk and completing the obligatory clamber up Arthur’s Seat at four AM.


4. Cabaret Voltaire

You paid enough for a train ticket getting you up here to fork out for the shows themselves. So you’re lurking around the free fringe venues, after being lured in by the “free hour of comedy starting in ten minutes” chant of the guy pushing flyers on the street. And now you can’t leave. At first it looks promising, there are shows in different caves around the bar and the bicycle stool décor is kind of fun. But now it’s looking like you’re trapped in an underground bunker with one cringey stand up show after another to keep you company.


How much Free Fringe can you handle before the purse strings finally loosen?...

How much Free Fringe can you handle before the purse strings finally loosen?…


5. Bedlam

Who knows what you came to see. Bedlam has more cheap drinks than even the Weatherspoon’s in your home town. But as it’s in a gothic church there are enough artsy vibes going round to make it acceptable for the Fringe. Bedlam is also the oldest student-run theatre, and that must stand for something, you reason. This is where the drama cliques in the know will end up every night for the whole month, getting steadily blotto.


"I came here for the architecture- the cheap gin is a delightful bonus"

“I came here for the architecture- the cheap gin is a delightful bonus”


‘Iraq, Out & Loud’: Chilcott at the Fringe- Ben Ray


Somewhere out there, in the brash, cacophonic madness of the Edinburgh Fringe, is a small garden shed placed next to a London bus. Inside this unassuming space is one of the most interesting and valuable events of the whole festival: ‘Iraq, Out & Loud’. Members of the general public are signing up to help read the entirety of the Chilcott Report, nonstop, for 24 hours a day until it’s finished. That’s 12 volumes, and 2.6 million words, through the night and through the day for over two weeks, whilst the busyness of the Fringe swirls around the small shed.




The question is, why is this happening? This is not an effort in satire, nor simply a display of literary stamina, nor a witty observation on the insanity of the world we live in. Instead, one of the organisers tells me, the event aims to turn the question around. Why was there British involvement in the 2003 American-led invasion of Iraq? Mr Chilcott spent 7 years compiling this gargantuan report on the reasoning, and if the public don’t read it and hold those responsible to account, then who will? This continuous reading is a political statement, a display of solidarity that shows that the world hasn’t forgotten the pointlessness of the 2003 Iraq War. There have been some harrowing, emotional moments: one night, at 3am, the section on counting death tolls was read out loud by a member of the public. The British and American figures were counted exactly, it was reported, whilst Iraqi deaths were rounded up to the nearest half million. These are the sort of atrocities the world needs to know, and remember.



The whole event is being continuously filmed by a webcam, hiding in the corner of the shed. After the reading is finally finished the organisers plan to take the video on tour, playing it in various places and even condensing it into an art instillation. This is a fitting legacy for this fascinating project: one of acknowledgement, sharing and remembrance. The grim lessons that the Chilcott Report can teach us may yet be the most resonant and long lasting thing to come out of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.inflatable camping tent

Bean There, Done That: Edinburgh’s Coffee Shops- Caragh Aylett

We know that finding plays to see at the Fringe is pretty hard, but what’s harder is finding the perfect coffee shop; who does the best flat white? Where can I gaze longingly out of the window? And where can I make sure that the Wifi always connects? Don’t worry, we’ve sorted it out for you, here’s our #PickOfTheFringe for coffee, because that’s more important.


1. Black Medicine

First things first, Black Medicine is pretty much everyone’s favourite. With its dream location in the centre of town, on Infirmary Street, and its beautiful take out cups, Black Medicine is the Instagramers dream. There’s a huge room downstairs where you can set up camp, connect to the wifi and while away the day alongside other festival goers. They also do amazing peanut butter brownies, I’d definitely recommend.

2. Brew  Lab

With its especially-for-the-Fringe pop up shop, Brew Lab is perfectly situated on the picturesque Victoria Street. The flagship site is nestled on South College Street, near local rivals Black Medicine. It has an extensive amount of cake on offer and the pop-up branch has a great rustic feel. blackboard csub . It’s also the place where we accidentally left our Ed Fringe Review whiteboard for several days, so they’re pretty good at lost and found.



Brew Lab, tucked away on South College Street (Image: STV Photos)

3. Elephants and Bagels

Not strictly a coffee shop but pretty good. Just off Nicholson Square, Elephants and Bagels is the perfect location for most Fringe venues, pop in after a show and refuel. They have a huge selection of pretty amazing bagels and the drawings of elephants on the wall are really cute, if you stay long enough you can even draw one yourself. My personal favourite was a drawing of ‘Donald Trunk’.


4. Hula

Good food and good coffee, what’s not to love? Hula holds a special place in my heart for two reasons. Firstly, it was the place I went to recover after seeing the worst play I’ve ever seen at the beginning of the Fringe last summer. Secondly, its lentil curry saved me from the most horrendous hangover at the end of last year’s Fringe. The coffee is pretty great and they do some incredible vegetarian food and if that isn’t enough for you, it’s right on the corner of Grassmarket so the perfect place to people watch during the festival.




5. Century General Store

Probably my favourite coffee shop of them all, Century General do great coffee and they even sell locally grown strawberries. Being on the Marchmont side of the meadows, it’s the perfect place to escape the crowds and there’s outdoor seating for when the Edinburgh rain lets up. They also have another, bigger branch on Montrose Terrace on the other side of the city.


So there you have it- our round up of the best places to grab your midday caffeine fix.

Ed Fringe Reviews: A Blog in Haikus – William Shaw

Ed Fringe Reviewing

Is best expressed by means of

Haiku poetry.


The thrill of the first

Show is only increased when


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Going home to write

A review, I give out this

Show’s ration of stars.


A converted crypt

Makes a lovely setting for

Light-hearted humour.


It shows how tired I

Am, that I’m falling asleep

Through blaring dubstep.


At the crack of dawn,

I wake up, put on coffee,

Fire up the laptop.


All of us agree

That it is impossible

To review improv.


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Roadkill puppetry:

One of many shows I don’t

Have the stomach for.


Short story stand-up;

Hilarious banter, and

Yet strangely moving.


Heading for the mile

Posters proliferate in

Colour overload.


Stood on the Mile

Between Death and a wizard

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I just can’t compete.


Finding a catchphrase

Is the most important part

Of the flyering gig

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Makes for a surprisingly

Fantastic kids’ show



Return to the Vault:

There to watch a wonderful

Gothic Toy Story.


Sitting through dull stuff

Is alleviated by

Writing tough reviews.


In a dark basement

A mad steam punk folk band

Blows my tiny mind.


Another basement,

This one with a stand-up who

Calls me up on stage.


Watching Showstoppers!

We see a lovely show that’s

Made up on the fly.


In the dark courtyard,

A passing wizard shows us

Casual magic.


Getting on the train,

I do order a Schwepps.

Resolve: I’ll be back.


EFR: The Playlist – Caspar Jacobs

Somewhere in my application for Ed Fringe reviewer I promised that I would

bring the best music collection on any iPod ever. While this was of course a CV-esque half-lie, I was still designated as the house DJ of the week so here’s a small playlist to share the buy levitra fun. I hope you like it.

1. Belle & Sebastian – Nobody’s Empire

2. God Help the Girl – God Help the Girl

3. Laura Marling – Goodbye England

4. Simon & Garfunkel – The Only Living Boy in New York

5. Alex Turner – Piledriver Waltz

6. Neil Young - Don’t Let It Bring You Down

7. The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt

8. Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne

9. Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

10. The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society

11. Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

12. Wicked Cast – Deying Gravity

13. Nick Cave – Into My Arms

14. LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great

15.  SOHN – Artifice

- Listen to the full playlist here.

- Check out Caspar’s fantastic music blog, Beautiful Freaks, here

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for more playlists and music reviews!

Ten Top Tips for successful leafleting* on the Royal Mile** – Beckie Rutherford


leaflet1. Become the biggest extrovert of them all

An avalanche of charm and enthusiasm will undoubtedly draw people to you like a magnet…

2. Be realistic

…when such extravagant behaviour becomes exhausting try the following:

3. Be polite

Don’t underestimate the value of a simple “excuse me” by way of an introduction, rather than immediately launching into your why-this-is-the-best-show-on-earth spiel.

4. Be friendly

Smile, make eye contact, don’t draw needless attention to the fact that each person you approach is just the next in a long conveyer belt of victims.

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5. Be strategic

Target those who already have a stack of leaflets in their hands (these people are either too weak to say no to anyone or are genuinely interested in everything).


6. Stickers, stickers, stickers.

Kids love them and adults will feign reluctant acceptance of them whilst secretly being thrilled.

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7. Be funny

If you’re feeling particularly whimsical try experimenting with humour. As one Week 1 EFR reviewer demonstrated, the corny classics like “Excuse me sir, I think you dropped this…” have a surprisingly high strike rate.

8. Be articulate

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You will have approximately 2.83 seconds to make your pitch- mumble and you won’t stand a chance.

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9. Be eye-catching

Interpret that as you will but the brief pause as someone stops to take a photo of you is ample opportunity to accost them with a leaflet.pool water slides

10. Be prepared for rejection

At best people will totally unacknowledge your existence, at worst strangely irate mothers will ram your shins with their pushchairs in an effort to carve their path through the crowd.

How To Discuss Art: A Guide on How to Impress at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Benjie Beer

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 14.22.21

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When arriving at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it s important for the non-engendered, post-racial, pre-spiritual, post-capitalist, Green, demi-socialist, post-Tory liberal Arts pundit to know how to present themself (we use the sexless singular reflexive pronoun at the Fringe). Herewith a comprehensive guide on how to impress your fellow vegans as you stride with purpose from theatre to theatre, commenting eloquently on theatrical criteria and laying down your spirit in the name of Art.

1. With every show you see, construct a detailed narrative criticism to ‘outcritique’ your fellow punters with afterwards. Deliver it as if you are thinking on the spot as you walk out the theatre.

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2. Remember to fix your listener in the eye as you inform them of the necessity of artistic licence. Point your hands wildly as you do so. The wilder the hand gestures, the better the critic you are.

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3. Make a point of meeting the actors after every show you see and discussing the artistic integrity of the piece with them. Make sure to use the words ‘integrity’, ‘meditative’ and ‘poignancy’.

4. Whenever there is a laugh line in a play, hold your chin pensively in your hand and squint your eyes to show you are analysing the humour.

5. Learn how to spot bawdy comedies. You can then wave your hand at every poster for such shows you walk past and remark to your companions, ‘low art’.

6. See the Cambridge Footlights, and afterwards say they were better in your day.

7. Whenever you are about to say something, consider whether it is either erudite theatre critique or a searing condemnation of capitalism. If it is neither, don’t say it.

8. See as many Free Fringe shows as you can, claiming that you don’t believe in exchanging money for Art.

9. Get your friends as drunk as possible before a show. That way they will have no idea what the play is about, and you will be able to say whatever you want whilst having them rely on your critical insights even more than if they had been sober.

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10. Practise your thespian voice before arriving. People on the street will mistake you for an actor, and you can mutter wistfully that RADA did nothing for you.

11. Memorise all the venues beforehand, and, if possible, a history of their artistic buy cialis 10mg directors.

12. Have a copy of The Stage magazine on you at all times. You don’t want to look like a maverick.

13. Wear clothes that take the recognisable, such as a tweed suit, and twist it, for example by rolling the trousers above your knees and painting one sleeve red. You want to look like a maverick.

14. Find the most bohemian theatre company you can, and offer to help them flyer on the Royal Mile. Say you are doing it in the name of Art.

15. Make sure there is at least one show you walk out of, sigh deeply and whisper: ‘That, is why I love theatre.’

With these instructions in hand, today’s modern liberal intellectual vegan supranational cosmopolitan-esque theatre-goer can attend the Edinburgh Festival Fringe safe in the knowledge that their intellectual integrity will survive intact. And remember, if in doubt, quote Laurence Olivier.

Ballad of the Royal Mile – Mel Beckerleg

We do not wear our usual garb
But our jumpers – regal red.
The keenest bunch in Edinburgh
By Flo and Fergus led
And Row sends frantic #fringies just
To see the website read.

We walk amongst the fringe venues -
Through narrow streets we pace:
The Laughing Horse, the Pleasance, C,
Paradise, the Space -
That Underbelly oft can be

A riotous wee place.

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We are a flock of scarlet birds
Upon the Royal Mile.
If you should seek a show to see
Then stop and chat awhile.
Us folk have shows

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that we have loved
And long to tell you why.

Yes, each knows shows that they have loved
By each let this be heard -
We’ve sought at night with bitter looks
To find reddit that flattering word,
Improv that

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was “performed with flair”,
One ” glorious absurd”.

Placards, costumes, Painted faces,
Fill the vibrant strip.
Guitars and drums – that human hum,
That buzz, infectious, sticks
As crowds crush round buy levitra encircling
The slews of circus tricks.

Dear Christ! The very cobbled streets
Suddenly seem so small.
Above the seething surge of strangers
Hear our white board’s call,
Share with us the shows you’ve loved
And rate above them all.

We’ll write with

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other souls in pain

At three or four a.m.
with weary eyes on the clock
As the minutes tick to ten,
Then hit the streets with aching feet
Now our schedule’s fresh again.

We only know what hunted thought quickens the pen and why
We watch the softening Scottish sun
With such a wistful eye.
For each has shows that they have loved
And lacked the words for why.

In pairs we faithfully arrange
The stars where they belong.
Yes, all you should need
Are those ones coming from
That bold brigade who together make